Experience the majestic beauty of Frazier Falls or the panoramic view of the Mohawk Valley from the Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout. There are miles and miles of hiking trails waiting for you to explore each one.

Sierra Buttes Fire Lookout Trail

The trail head is located on Monarch Road. It is about 5 miles long and is generally considered a challenging hike. It takes around 3 hours to complete and the elevation gain is 1,545 ft. The best time to hike it is June to October. Dogs must be on a leash.

Frazier Falls

    This trail is located near Clio, California and is an easy 1 mile hike. It’s a great hike for the whole family, including dogs but they must be on a leash.

    Sardine Lakes Trail

    And easy hike for all the family, it takes on average about half an hour to complete.


    More hiking info can be found on the Sierra County Chamber of Commerce website: https://sierracountychamber.com/page-18144

    Know before you go

    Whether you’re going for a short hike or planning an extended trek, it’s a good idea to start by planning. Here are a few quick tips and reminders.

    • Make a gear list: REI has a great Backpacking Checklist
    • Hydration: Carry plenty of clean water or invest in a water filtration/purification system
    • Tell someone: 1) Where you’re going, 2) When you plan to return and 3) Who to contact if you’re not back when you said you would be.
    • Beware of ticks and other biting insects: Carry repellent and wear the proper clothing
    • Sun protection: Sunglasses, hats, lip balm, sunscreen
    • Snack and food: granola, dried fruit, trail mix, protein bars for the short day trips
    • Going off-grid: Cell signal coverage is spotty at best in Sierra County. Start with buying a map, compass and portable cell phone charger – among other things. For extended trips, consider getting a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) or Satellite Messenger
    • Check the weather before you go

    Take the time to properly prepare yourself and you’ll enjoy the hiking trip a lot more! And if you forget something, checkout our store. We carry many of the items you’ll need to make your adventure safe and fun.

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