Whether you own a horse or not, the Lakes Basin area is a great destination for horseback riding. It’s an adventure you’ll never forget!

Share the trail! A quick reminder about trail etiquette and safety. CA Depart of Parks and Recreation Trail Etiquette & Safety Guide.

Tips for wildlife encounters. Keep you – and your horse – safe! Horse and Rider – Boost your Wildlife Safety Guide

Info for horse owners

Sierra County has so many places to ride! Here’s some info to help get you started.

“No philosophers so thoroughly comprehend us as dogs and horses.”

~Herman Melville

If backing up a horse trailer (or any trailer for that matter) isn’t your thing, try this tip from an old cowboy. Place both hands at the bottom of the steering wheel. Using your mirrors, if you want the BACK of the trailer to go left, pull your hands to the left. Need the back of the trailer to go right? Pull your hands to the right. Keeping your hands places at the bottom of the steering wheel will make you look like a pro! (Disclaimer: Bassett’s Station is not responsible if this doesn’t work for you! :))

Guided horseback rides

The Reid Horse & Cattle Co. has a variety of horseback adventures for you and your family. They offer everything from daily trail rides to deluxe pack trips. Stables are located in Graeagle and one at Gold Lake. They’re open June through September but you’ll need to call for reservations. It’s “horseback riding with a view”!

Horseback riding may look easy, but it’s considered a moderate to intense activity. So why try it?

  • Physical benefits – burn calories, strengthen legs and core, improves your posture and lowers your blood pressure.
  • Mental benefits – builds self-confidence, reduces stress and anxiety, it’s relaxing and fun!

Many people claim the gentle sway of a walking horse has a calming effect. Animals can bring out the best in us. And horses are no exception.

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