About Us

Meet the Owners!

Long time Sierra County connections

Tim & Becky were both born in neighboring Nevada County. They met in grade school and started dating in high school. They have been together ever since. They both graduated from CSU, Chico and raised their family in the area where they grew up. They have two adult daughters, Emily & Ellie, who are also involved with Bassett’s.

Tim’s family has a multi-generational connection with Sierra County. Tim’s Great Grandmother led cattle drives every year between the home ranch in Penn Valley and family land by Gold Lake. Tim’s Grandfather, Lowell Robinson, grew up living in Sierra County part of each year and attending local schools. Many decades ago the family built a small rustic cabin, which is still standing today. It is now on forest service land. If you are interested in hiking to it we will give you directions.

Tim continues his Grandfather’s legacy as one of the owners of the company Lowell started 1949. Robinson Enterprises is based in Nevada City. It is a diversified company employing a large portion of our neighbors in Nevada County.

Becky worked as a Social Worker in the adoption field and with Alzheimer’s patients. She received additional training to be an end-of life companion. She has been very involved with volunteering in Nevada County for past 15+years. Most recently she provided respite care for hospice patients and was on the Board of Directors for Hospice of the Foothills.

Bassett’s Station has been a favorite stop for both Tim & Becky for over 30 years. They were not looking to buy a business, but when Bassett’s came up for sale they were excited at the chance to own such a special piece of history.

Bassett’s is a family venture. In addition to their two daughters you may also meet Becky’s sisters, Jeanine and Kathryn along with their husbands, Kevin & Richard. Nieces, Brook & Lizzie will be experiencing their first official jobs here at Bassett’s. Chances are you’ll be meeting any number of family members who are excited to help us make this possible. And so many more supporters we can’t list them all. We are very grateful for help and support of all our family and friends!

We also greatly appreciate your support! Thank you for visiting Bassett’s Station! We are excited to have this unique adventure together. We look forward to welcoming you back to Bassett’s for years to come!